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Roland M-48 FAQ’s

1. Can you explain what the knobs are on the mixer?
The knobs actually control assignable groups and not individual channels. On your console you would create different groups for those knobs allowing you to control an entire drum mix from 1 knob for example.

2. The volume on my mixer is low.
Be sure that your limiter is set to OFF. Also be sure that the ATT knob next to your heaphone jack is set all the way clockwise to 0db.

3. The LED’s are dim.
Be sure that the dimmer switch is set to OFF on the rear of the unit.

4. The knobs won’t work or light up.
It is possible that you do not have anything assigned to the M-48 yet. You will need to read the section on setting up an M-48 in your console manual.

5. I have everything set up correctly but my console won’t see the M-48 mixer.
The M-48 mixer must be connected to REAC B on the back of your console. It will not be recognized through REAC A.

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