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Problems with Sonar 6 and MOTU Ethno Instrument or MOTU Symphonic Instrument (MSI). Sonar either crashes or has graphical bugs.

This is likely related to Sonar 6.2’s X-Ray feature. We’ve found that this occurs when X-Ray is enabled, and only under Windows XP (under Vista, the GUI should open normally and interact with the X-Ray feature as expected). We’re working with Cakewalk to resolve this, but in the meantime you can exclude Ethno from the X-Ray feature by doing one of the following:

1.) Launch Sonar, go to Options > Global, and click on the General tab. At the bottom, disable X-Ray. This is the easiest and quickest method, but it will disable X-Ray for all plug-ins.

2.) Exclude only Ethno Instrument from using X-Ray. To do this, you’ll need to follow these steps to edit the XRayExclude.ini file.

– Go to C:\Documents and Settings\user name\Application Data\Cakewalk\Sonar 6 Producer Edition (replace C with the letter of your XP startup drive, and user name with your login account’s user name).
– Open XRayExclude.ini in Notepad
– You’ll see entries like this:

; Waves Stomp 6 Stereo

– Go to the end of the file and add a similar line for Ethno Instrument:

; MOTU Ethno Instrument

– Note that the number for each line needs a unique number, such as XRayExclude13, XRayExclude14, etc. Look through the file and find the highest number, then start with the next value.
– The value on each line is the plug-in ID, one each for the DXi and the VST. To find the plug-in ID, launch Sonar, go to Tools > Cakewalk Plug-in Manager and locate the DXi and VSTi versions of Ethno Instrument.
– Save this file, then re-open Sonar.

Using either method, the GUI should appear now, and when X-Ray is enabled the Ethno Instrument GUI will not become transparent.

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