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If I select more than 8 or so bars at a time (track pitch) in Sonar, and try to save the changes, AutoTune fails to respond. The error message I get is “Teleport Server is not responding.”

Here’s a workaround offered by Antares support (in cooperation with Cakewalk).

1. Do a “save-as” of a given project.

2. In the new file, copy and paste any tracks that AutoTune won’t pitch-track to new audio tracks at the front of the project. (I found that AutoTune wouldn’t function in my project with any audio beyond 1 minute, 50 seconds.)

3. Apply pitch changes, and using Sonar’s standard features, export the modified tracks as high-quality wave files to a suitable location (desktop, for example).

4. Import these wave files into the original project in the required locations. Delete the “save-as” version of the project if you’re short on computing power.

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