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Is Pro Tools 10 the last new software release for the original Pro Tools|HD hardware?

Yes. Pro Tools 10 will be the final full version release to support Pro Tools|HD (TDM) hardware and legacy “Digidesign” audio interfaces, as we make our transition to a full 64-bit application. That said, we’re offering fantastic deals to Pro Tools|HD customers to crossgrade to our new Pro Tools|HDX system, which offers up 5x more power than Pro Tools|HD, plus much more headroom for mixing and plug-in processing.

As we move forward, please be aware of the following:

* Pro Tools 10 will be the final feature release for Pro Tools|HD TDM systems
* Pro Tools 10 will be the final supported feature release for legacy Digidesign interfaces and controllers, including:
o 192 I/O
o 192 Digital I/O
o 96 I/O
o 96i I/O
o SYNC (original “blue”)
o SYNC HD (original “blue”)
o 003 family
o Mbox 2 family
o Control|24
o Command|8
o Pro Control

Please note that we will continue to offer software updates and address issues for legacy hardware for the foreseeable future.