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DAE error -9514 in Pro Tools 10.3.2

If you are receiving the following message after installing 10.3.2:

“Could not allocate memory for the disc cache. Try lowering your disc buffer (DAE Buffer),  disc cache size,  or engine voice count. if you got this error on lounch,  delete your prefs and try again. DAE -9514”

In most cases this error was caused by antivirus software or UAC running during the original installation.  To fix this, uninstall Pro Tools using the 3rd uninstall option seen below.  Disable any antivirus software you have running, then reinstall Pro Tools again.  To disable UAC, see the Windows 7 optimization guide.

Remove Pro Tools


If this doesn’t resolve the issue, in some cases installing the older 10.3.1 version has resolved it.


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