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How do I get my Presonus Faderport to work in Sonar?

–Important– The fader port is qualified for SONAR 6 ONLY.

Before going thru the following steps, the Fdaerport driver must be downloaded from the Presonus website. Click on this link to get the driver. Presonus Faderport Download

Once you have the driver installed follow these steps:

1-In SONAR 6 go to Options->MIDI Devices and select USB Audio Device for both Inputs: and Outputs:

2- Go to Options->Control Surfaces and click the yellow plus sign.

3- Select Presonus FaderPort as Controller/Surface.

4- Select USB Audio Device for both Input Port and Output Port.

5- Click “Close” to close the window.

6-Go to Options->Global… and click the “MIDI” tab

7-Make sure both Key Aftertouch and Channel Aftertouch are checked

8- Click “OK” to close the window

9- Enjoy!!

Known Issues / Limitations

In SONAR pressing ‘Mix” brings the Mixer window to front, pressing it again repeats the action.
SONAR limitation – may be changed to toggle in the future

There is a WAI bug in SONAR that prevents you from having an active WAI indicator on any Bus Strip numbered greater than max Track Strips. FaderPort is fine, navigation keys get you there, all buttons and faders are fully functional – the WAI indicator simply disappears on the last Bus Strips if maxBusStrips > maxTrackStrips

SONAR Bug – reported – to be fixed in Sonar 6.2 update obtained from the Sonar website.

If you have a fast computer and you are comfortable editing INI files you can improve the FaderPort response by modifying Cakewalk.ini by adding the following one or two lines



The [WinCake] line may already be there – if so just add the second line, making sure it is below [WinCake].

User Assignable buttons

The following buttons are user assignable:


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