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How do I multitrack my drums from EZdrummer in Pro Tools

To keep this simple let us start with a new project with nothing in it.
1) Make a MIDI track under “Track>New”, click the plus sign
next to ticks and make a stereo aux track, click the plus sign
and make 8 mono audio tracks.
2) Insert EZdrummer on the stereo aux track and select the
groove you want to use and drag that clip to the MIDI track.
3) In the mixer window set the output of the MIDI track to
4) Press play to make sure that the MIDI track is triggering
5) Go back into EZdrummer and click on the mixer. In this
window and select the output below the faders to tracks 1-8
(there are 9 tracks here so use your discretion)
6) Now back in the mixer window set the output of the Aux track to Bus 1 and set the input of the first audio track to bus one.
7) Now set the inputs on teh rest of the audio tracks to the
outputs from EZdrummer by going to the input section of
each of these channels and under ‘plugin’ select the
EZdrummer outputs (EZ2.L, EZ3L etc) left or right is up to
8) Now back in the edit window we need to extend the MIDI
track by as many bars as we need. To do this quickly turn on
the grid option in the upper left corner, highlight the region
on the MIDI track, and go to ‘region’ and select group.
9) Now go to ‘edit’ and select ‘duplicate’ as may times as you
10) Now record are all of the audio tracks and hit record and
then play and voila… Done!