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Manually Installing an East West PLAY Library on PC

On a PC, it’s simple to install Play Libraries by dragging the sample content directly from the DVD and dropping it into the location on your hard drive where you want to store it.

  1. Insert the first DVD and find the Library folder. Drag the Library folder from the DVD and drop it into the desired location.
  2. After the first DVD has finished copying, insert the second DVD and drag the Library folder from that DVD and drop in into the existing Library folder installed from the first DVD.Note: This should automatically merge the Library, but if asked, you’ll want to ‘merge’ the content.
  3. Do this with each subsequent DVD until the Library contents are copied over to the desired location on your hard drive.

Installing the Play software update

After the Library is copied over, if you haven’t already installed the software itself, you can simply run the latest PLAY software update, as it will install the entire feature for each product you select from the custom install menu. You can get the latest Play software update at ourĀ updates page.

Linking the Play Software to the Play Libraries

The last step is to link the Play software to it’s respective Library. Play manages this link through the Favorites window in the Browser menu. To input the installed Libraries in the ‘Favorites’ window of the Play ‘Browser’ window, do the following:

  1. Open Play and go to the ‘Browser’ window.
  2. In your ‘Favorites’ section of the ‘Browser’ window and control-click on the window (an empty part of the window) to bring up the ‘Add Another Product Library’ dialogue.
  3. Select the specific Library you are adding to the favorites window.
  4. A new window will open asking you to locate the library… it is IMPORTANT that you select that Library’s INSTRUMENTS folder itself (not the Samples folder or the Library folder above it, the actual INSTRUMENTS folder for that product).
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