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MAC: Installation on Apple computers that lack a floppy drive

The packages for Logic Audio 4.0 Gold and Platinum (new installation or update) contain, in addition to other items, a CD and a floppy disk. It is not possible to install the program without this floppy disk. Due to this, users of Apple computers without a floppy disk drive (iMac and the new G3-series “Blue Mac” can download this floppy disk as an “image” file from the Emagic web site .

Please note: The different CD volumes require different disks. Please check the volume number of your CD and download the corresponding disk image.

These are self-mounting images (SMI); which means that a simple double-click is sufficient to mount the virtual disk.

Please use StuffIt Expander to convert the MacBinary or hqx files, if your browser does not convert them automatically.

How to use the image file:
First download the binary Image-file (xxx.img.bin) of the required update disk (Logic Audio Gold or Logic Audio Platinum). Make sure you are downloading the image file for the correct CD volume. Drag this file onto Stuffit Expander to decompress it . After decompression has finished a new file with the extension xxx.smi will be created. You can mount this image file by simply doubleclicking on it. After mounting the image file, either the “Logic Audio Gold” or Logic Audio Platinum” disk icon will appear on the desktop, just as if you had inserted a disk into an existing floppy drive. Please note that you need different disk-images for certain CD volumes (eg. Volume 7 or Volume 8). If you have mounted more than one disk image (e.g. Gold and Platinum), then the Logic installer might not be able to recognize the right one. In this case drag all mounted disks to the Trash and and doubleclick only the disk image that is needed for the installation. Insert the Logic Audio Master CD and start the installation process for your desired language.

NOTE: Since Volume 9 of the installer CD, no more additional floppy disk is needed.

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