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How do I load my AKAI sample CD into Logic’s EXS24 sampler?

1) Launch Logic and load the EXS24 on an Instrument track.

2) Insert the AKAI disc.

3) Near the upper right-hand corner of the EXS24 interface are two buttons marked “Edit” and “Options.” Click the “Options” button and select “AKAI Convert.” The AKAI Convert window will open and you will see four sections or columns: “Partition,” “Volume,” “Program,” and “Audio File.”

4) Insert your AKAI sample CD. The “Partition” section of the window will show the partitions on the disc in alphabetical order. Click on any of the partitions to display its sample groups in the “Volume” column.

5) Click on one of the sample groups in the “Volumes” column to display the Programs for that group of samples.

6) Click on a Program to display its audio file in the “Audio File” section.

7) Click on the “Convert” button at the bottom of any of the columns to begin converting the contents of that column (and any subsequent columns). You can also click on the “Convert Entire CD” button at the bottom right-hand corner of the AKAI Convert window to convert the whole disc (recommended).

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