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Can Logic automatically split notes to different staves while recording?

Yes ! This is especially useful with piano or similar instrument’s parts. The following tutorial shows the necessary steps.

Select the option Auto Split Notes at in the Score Preferences.

This will split the incoming notes between two MIDI channels, according to the chosen split point. Any desired exceptions to the note distribution will have to be adjusted manually after recording.

You may choose a polyphonic score style or create a new score style according to your needs.

A new score style is created by chosing one out of the flip menu and afterwards the entry ****DUPLICATE**** in the same menu.

Double clicking the score style’s name opens its settings.

Create a new stave by clicking with the pencil in the free space in the lower left corner of the score style window if needed, and set the MIDI channel for each stave as required.

Close the score style settings, choose the score style for the track in the instrument parameters of the Arrange window…

…and start recording.

This ensures that the sequence is automatically displayed with the chosen score style. In our example, all notes below C3 are mapped to MIDI channel 3 and moved to the lower stave.

Tip: By changing the Note’s Midi Channel manually (in the Score or Event editor) you can move the Note from one stave to the other. So, changing the Midi Channel from 3 to 1 (in this example) will move the note from the lower to the upper stave.

You may also use the split tool for this purpose.

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