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How do I lock the MCControl’s Control Room knob to one application?

The Control Room knob on the MC Control can be locked to any EuCon enabled application that models the Control Room knob. This includes Maestro, Studio Monitor Express, Cubase and Nuendo.

To lock the Control Room knob on the MC Control to an application, take the following steps:

1. Make sure that the desired application is running, and is in the foreground (focused).
2. Check that the Control Room knob is working from the surface.
3. Go directly to EuControl settings. It is important that you do not focus any other application.
4. In Eucontrol, go to the ‘Assign’ tab.
5. At the bottom, check the “Monitor and Control Room” option
6. The Control Room knob should now be locked to the application.

Please note that this is ‘stored’ in EuControl. Next time you launch your system, you will need to temporarily focus the application again in order for the locking to take affect again. You do not, however, need to set this option next time.

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