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How do I load my AKAI sample CD into Steinberg’s HALion?

1) Open your DAW/host. Open HALion within your DAW.

2) HALion opens in Macro mode. In this mode, in the lower part of the interface, click open the Import window.

3) You will be able to select which drive you want to import the AKAI files from. Insert the AKAI CD and its Partitions will appear on the left.

4) You can now import a Partition, a Volume, a Program, or the entire disc. NOTE: In the original HALion there is no import button. Go to “Options” and “Import Files.” In HALion 3, there is a Browser button that opens the Browser window. This window is probably the easiest browser to deal with, as far as sound management is concerned. Insert the AKAI disc and click the disc button in the browser and you should see the disc’s partitions appear.

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