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How do I get the key codes of my Logic 5.0 Upgrade key?

Logic 5 Update Procedures

Here’s how the Logic 5 update works in practice:

You can buy your Logic 5 update directly from Emagic GmbH (for customers in Germany and Austria), from Emagic Incorporated (for customers in the USA and Canada), at your national Emagic distributor (in most international markets) and, in some territories, also at authorized Emagic dealers. Conditions may vary from territory to territory, so please be sure to check with your local Emagic distributor for pricing and availability.

There are two Logic 5 update variants, depending on the Logic version you currently own:

If you already own Logic Audio Platinum version 4.x, you should order the
Logic Platinum 5 Update from version 4.x

If you own an earlier version of Logic Audio or Logic Audio Platinum, you should order:
Logic Platinum 5 Update Kit from version 3.x and earlier

After you have purchased the correct Logic Platinum 5 Update or Update Kit….

Start using Logic 5 immediately

Both update variants contain a time-limited XS Key. Logic 5 and all Emagic plug-ins (instruments and sampler) will run for a 12 week period, starting with the day of first use. After this period of time you will need Type A Access Codes for the unrestricted use of the desired Emagic programs.

We will send you Access Codes for your Emagic software.

In order to receive your Type A Access Codes, you must send us proof of ownership for your current Logic version and for each plug-in. Valid proof of ownership for Logic is the old copy protection key (or keys) in combination with an original Logic installation CD. For each Emagic plug-in (e.g. ES1, EVP88, EXS24 and ESB TDM), the corresponding original CD serves as valid proof of ownership. Without these Access Codes, your plug-ins cannot be used with Logic 5.

You’ll find an overview of valid proof of ownership items here.

Send in your proof of ownership safely.

To send your proof of ownership, please note that (1) the “Product Registration” form must be correctly completed, and that (2) only the padded return envelope provided with the Logic 5 Update box is used. Emagic and its distributors do not accept any liability for proof of ownership items returned. In some territories, prepaid return shipping to the Emagic distributor is provided. If this is not the case, be sure to choose a shipping method that provides insurance and proof of dispatch/receipt.

Best option – register online, and receive your Access Codes even faster.

Request your Access Codes in advance at www.emagic.de/registration and print out the delivery note for the return of your proof of ownership. Successful online registration will be immediately confirmed by email. You will then receive the corresponding Access Codes via email as soon as the return envelope has reached Emagic. Please allow at least 10 working days for us to process your request. You can then program the Access Codes into your XS Key via Logic 5. The programs will then run without any time limitation.

Alternative option – without prior online registration.

Of course, we will also accept requests for Access Codes not accompanied by a prior online registration. In such cases, however, manual processing means that you should allow up to one month before you receive the Access Codes via return mail.

Note: In the case of either option above, existing product registration is not sufficient in order for you to receive Version 5 Access Codes.

Act quickly, so we can too.

We have invested a great deal to ensure that the changeover to the new XSKey is as convenient as possible. Please help us to achieve this goal by sending in your proof of ownership items, as detailed above, without delay. Remember to only use the documentation and return envelope provided, and to send the return envelope to the address provided. The quicker you send in your proof of ownership items, the quicker you’ll receive your Type A Access Codes for all your Emagic products.

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