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How do I install the Digidesign MP Toolkit?

To install Music Production Toolkit:

1. Insert the Pro Tools Installer disc for your version
of Pro Tools into your CD/DVD drive.

2. Locate and click the Music Production Toolkit
installer icon.
– Music Production Toolkit Setup.exe (Windows)
– or –
– Install Music Production Toolkit (Macintosh)

3. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete
the installation. The installer process installs Music Production
Toolkit features (including the MP3 export option), plus the following optional software:
– Hybrid
– Smack! LE
– SoundReplacer

4. Each software component (including Music Production Toolkit) must be authorized before it can be used. See “Authorizing Music Production Toolkit Option” on page 6 of the .pdf manual.

For Pro Tools LE systems, a Digidesign qualified
version of Pro Tools must be installed before you can install your toolkit and authorize its software components. Install Pro Tools according to the instructions in your Pro Tools Getting Started Guide. Then, return to this guide and complete the instructions in this chapter to install and authorize the Music Production Toolkit option and its software components.

TL Space Native must be installed separately. See “Installing TL Space Native” on page 5 of the .pdf manual. If you launch Pro Tools without authorizing a Music Production Toolkit software
component, you will be prompted to authorize the component during the launch.

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