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How do I install the EWQL Symphonic Choirs Expansion?

If you have already installed the 6 disc EWQL Symphonic Choirs PLAY Edition on your computer (which you must prior to installing the Expansion) then simply insert your disc entitled ‘Expansion’ and run the EWQLSC Add On Installer that is present on that disc. Simply install it to the default location that it chooses, because you have already installed the regular EWQLSC library on your system it will know where to put the add-on content, you do NOT need to point it to any certain location, it reads the preferences/registry to know where to put it… simply hit ‘next’ until you are done! To ensure the registry is setup correct, please continue reading.

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Go to the browser menu in Play and locate the favorites window in the bottom left above the virtual keyboard.  Control click (MAC) or right-click (PC) on the product title and choose “set product library directory”.  If no entry exists for your product, click in the favorites window and chose “add another product directory”.
  2. Navigate to the Choirs Instrument folder and click choose.
  3. Run the Choirs Expansion installer.

IMPORTANT NOTE regarding Authorization:

Please note that the Expansion disc also contains an AUTHORIZATION CODE on it that is separate from your EWQL Symphonic Choirs Authorization Code… this must also be authorized for use!