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EuCon does not work after Sleep

It is recommended that you do not set your EuCon workstation(s) to Sleep.

– EuCon will not function well after sleep. Sleep loses the network connection on the workstation, and EuCon goes into a bad state because it needs an active network to be available. Our EuCon database process that runs in the background will no longer receive messages from the existing EuCon nodes (application and/or workstations on the network) and will therefore remove the nodes. They will have to be relaunched after this to become available again.

Additionally, imagine that you have a second workstation running EuCon. If it goes to sleep, the primary workstation running EUControl has no way of knowing this, and it will appear as though it is turned off.

We recommend setting your Mac to not go to sleep and never put hard drives to sleep.

If you must use sleep, then you will need to manually relaunch all EuCon processes again when your Mac “wakes up”

To do this, go to System Preferences/Euphonix and press Stop (do this before setting your workstation to Sleep mode). This will quit all EuCon processes. Press the Start button to launch all EuCon processes again.

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