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How can I create a PDF file from Finale, Guitar, Allegro, and PrintMusic?

The PDF format was developed by the Adobe company to provide a universal file format that preserves the fonts, formatting and graphics of the source document, regardless of what platform or application was used to create it. PDF files can be shared, viewed and printed by anyone with a free Adobe Acrobat Reader. (The Adobe Acrobat Reader is included with Finale and is used for the User Manual.)

In order to create PDFs yourself, you will need to buy an Adobe software package that includes Adobe Distiller. One package that surely includes Distiller is the full version of Adobe Acrobat. Another option is to subscribe to Adobe’s Create PDF Online service. For complete information about this service, click here . For general information about Adobe’s products, visit Adobe’s website .

NOTE: There is more than one way to create a PDF, but this method will give you more control over the results. See your Adobe Acrobat manual for full details.

To create a PDF file using Distiller from one of our notation products:
Open the file in Finale.
From the File menu, choose Print. the Print dialog box appears.
Click on Setup. The Print Setup dialog box appears.
From the Print Name drop-down menu, choose Adobe Distiller Assistant. Keep in mind, you’ll need to switch the printer back to your regular printer when you’re done creating PDFs.
Click OK and OK. Finale prints to the Adobe Distiller Assistant. If the Distiller Assistant is running in the background (you’ll see it at the bottom of your screen in the Taskbar), it will immediately launch the Acrobat Distiller. If the Distiller Assistant is not running in the background, you’ll need to launch it manually. Once the Distiller has launched, it will display a Specify PDF File Name dialog box.
Give the file a name (you may wish to save it to the Desktop for convenience) and click Save. The Acrobat Distiller creates a PDF of your file. Depending on your Distiller Assistant settings, it may open your newly created PDF file for viewing.

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