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How do I check the OS version of my PC2, PC2R, or PC2X?

This information is taken from the .pdf file manuals\ROMinst.pdf on the PC2 CD-Rom.

There are three software components (Boot Block, Operating System, and Soundware) to the PC2 series, it’s best to make sure they are all updated.


There are two ways to check the version of the operating system on the PC2 series. The first is to watch the display as the unit powers up. It will say Welcome to the PC2, and the version number.

The second way to check the version of the operating system is to check the value of the OS Version parameter in the Global menu.

Press the Global button, then press the Right cursor button until you see a parameter called OS Version. If you don’t see this parameter, your OS is version 1.x and needs to be udpated.

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