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How do I check the Boot Block version of my PC2, PC2R, or PC2X?

This information is taken from the .pdf file manuals\ROMinst.pdf on the PC2 CD-Rom.

There are three software components (Boot Block, Operating System, and Soundware) to the PC2 series, it’s best to make sure they are all updated.


If the PC2 is on, power it off. Power on the PC2, while it says Please Wait on the display, press the:

Panic button for keyboard models
Edit/Store button for rack models

After a few seconds, you’ll see a message indicating that you’re running the boot block. The bottom line of the display shows the boot block version number. * This message does not stay on the screen for long, so check it quickly. If the version is lower than 2.0, you need to update your boot block. Please see the CD-Rom manuals or another knowledge base article for how to do this.

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