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I can’t hear Finale 2006 out of my Digidesign hardware (MBox/002/etc.). I’m using the Garritan Personal Orchestra for my sounds.

Finale requires the use of the GPO Studio application (a free download at http://www.garritan.com/downloads.html). The Finale GPO application is not equipped to utilize the Digidesign ASIO drivers. Using GPO Studio, do the following:

1. Open GPO Studio. Go to Settings > Audio Driver and choose “ASIO Digidesign Driver.”
2. Go to Settings > Preferences, and make sure the following settings are made:
– Sample rate: 44100 or 48000 Hz.
– Buffer size: between 128 and 512.
– Click ASIO Control Panel and set the Buffer size equal to the previous setting.
– Click Advanced, and make sure the Sample Rate is equal to the previous setting. Press OK until you’re back into the Studio.
3. Close GPO Studio and reopen it. Load an instrument and make sure it plays out of your hardware (click on the keymap of a loaded instrument to trigger a sound). Minimize GPO Studio.
4. Launch Finale. Go to the MIDI menu and choose MIDI Setup. Set the MIDI Out Device to GPO Studio: (whichever slot you are using). Press OK.
5. Go to File > New > Document With Setup Wizard. Set up a document as normal, except on Page 2, make sure you select “SmartMusic SoftSynth” as the Instrument Set, and NOT “Garritan Personal Orchestra Finale Edition.”
6. Under the MIDI emnu, make sure “Play Finale through Native INstruments VST Setup” is unchecked.
7. Go to Windows > Instrument List to edit which instrument will play on which channel. Remember how GPO uses MIDI channels in the instruemtn setup! Consult the Finale manual for more help with this window, and the GPO manual for explanations of MIDI channel settings.
8. Input some notes into Finale. When you play them back, you will hear them through the GPO Studio, out of your Digidesign hardware!

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