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How does the Auto-tune Challange Response authorization work?

There are three separate codes which are necessary to complete the
authorization of Auto-tune 4 on your system:

1. Registration Code (Included with the Auto-tune 4 software)
2. Challenge Code (Given to you by the software installed on your system)
3. Response Code (supplied to your by our website)

The Registration Code is supplied on a yellow card that came with your software. The Registration Code is a series of numbers, followed by a hyphen, and then there is a series of short words that are all capitalized letters. This code does not get entered into the software but, will later be entered on a page on our website.

Before you can submit this code on our website, you must first make certain that you have installed the latest version of Auto-tune 4 for your system You can download and install the latest version from the following link if you have not already done so:


At the end of the installation, you will be given the option to ‘Authorize’ the software. Selecting the ‘Authorize’ option will direct you to the Challenge/Response Authorization screen (This is the screen which provides the Challenge string and has the button you pressed in an earlier installation which is labeled “Read Response”)

When you have successfully arrived on the Challenge/Response Authorization screen, you will see two boxes. The top one says “Challenge” and contains a string of short words. The bottom box is for the Response string and is empty.

When you arrive on this Challenge/Response Authorization screen, please copy the Challenge string exactly by writing it down on a piece of paper. Once you have copied the Challenge, please go to an internet enabled computer and visit the following web page to continue with the Authorization:


Once you submit your e-mail address on this page, you will be taken to a new page which will ask you to supply the Registration Code from the yellow card included with the software package. Below the spot for the Registration Code is a box where you can enter the Challenge string which you copied from your other computer. Once you have filled out all of the details on this page, you should press the ‘Proceed’ button at the bottom of the page. If all of the fields are filled out correctly, you will be taken to a Confirmation page which will supply you with a Response string.

When you are on the Confirmation page and you have received the Response string, please copy it down and bring the Response string to your audio recording computer. You can then type the Response string into the Challenge/Response Authorization screen in the empty box below the Challenge string.

After the Response string has been typed in, please press the button labeled ‘Next’. Please do not press the ‘Read Response’ button, as this will ask you to search your computer for an Authorization File. Since your computer is not hooked up to the internet, you will not have an Authorization File and pressing ‘Read Response’ will not complete the authorization.

Once you press the ‘Next’ button, you should receive a message that the authorization was successful. After the software is authorized, it should appear in your host recording software.

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