Munro Sonic Egg 150 No Longer Available

Powered Bi-amped Nearfield Monitors with Unique Ovoid Shape, Monocoque Construction, Free-standing Electronics, and Matched Speaker Cables (Pair)
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Munro Sonic Egg 150 image 1

Sorry, the Munro Sonic Egg 150 is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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Munro Sonic Egg 150
Special Order
$2,999.00 (pair)

Revolutionary Studio Monitoring System

The sE Munro Sonic Egg 150 Monitoring System is the reinvention of the wheel. Since the early 1940s, the cabinet's influence over the sound of a loudspeaker has been known, with an ovoid (egg shape) theoretically being the "ideal" cabinet shape. Leave it to sE and noted acoustician Andy Munro to put theory into practice and deliver an arrestingly stylish studio monitor that will astonish you with its accuracy, bass proficiency, volume capabilities, and broad, stable stereo imaging. If you're ready for the next big step in studio monitoring, here it is: the sE Munro Sonic Egg 150 Monitoring System.

sE Munro Sonic Egg 150 Monitoring System at a Glance:
  • Unique ovoid-shaped cabinet
  • Neutral-sounding studio monitors
  • External electronics
Unique ovoid-shaped cabinet

The sE Munro Sonic Egg 150 Monitoring System sports a unique egg shape that generates no internal standing waves. Many studio monitors these days sport a front baffle with rounded edges to reduce diffraction distortion. The Egg goes one better, providing the ultimate front baffle shape, so your mix leaves the drivers and arrives at your ears pure and unadulterated. All this greatly reduces smearing, so you get an ultra-accurate picture of how your music really sounds.

Neutral-sounding studio monitors

The sE Munro Sonic Egg 150 Monitoring System doesn't flatter (but then, you're not looking for that, are you?). The Eggs tell it like it is - revealing your mix in all its glory (warts and all). Which is exactly what you want from your studio monitors. With great monitoring, you can make better-sounding music. Simple, isn't it?

External electronics

It may seem old-school to house active studio monitors' electronics in an external chassis, but it's actually rather cutting-edge. If you think about it, locating electronics in a speaker cabinet along with vibrating drivers is fraught with issues - even if we're not talking about a monocoque cabinet shaped like an egg. Housing the electronics separately lets the seamless cabinet do what it's supposed to, and you get the bonus of having the entire system's controls right at your fingertips.

sE Munro Sonic Egg 150 Monitoring System Features:
  • Unique monocoque shell construction (rigid and resonant neutral)
  • Near zero diffraction interference (smooth frequency response)
  • No internal standing waves (greatly reduced smearing)
  • Perfect bass port integration (superb transient response)
  • Free-standing control unit and integrated amplification with 3m matched speaker cables
  • Dual input switching and level control
  • Ultra fast and low distortion; headroom indicator
  • Precise "sweet spot" LED locator guide beams (may be switched off)
  • Integrated base with adjustable vertical alignment
  • Adjust for perfect sweet spot in both vertical and horizontal planes
  • Precision trim pots for bass (LF) and High Frequency (HF) calibration
  • Critical Mid Frequency equalisation for Hard, Soft, and Reference settings
Transform the way you monitor with the Munro Sonic Egg 150 Monitoring System!

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Manufacturer Part Number MUS-EGG150-MB

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