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Active Monitors

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If you're looking to expand your studio monitoring options, or upgrade the monitors in your project studio, active monitors are a great choice. Because the amplification is built into the speaker it's super simple to add these to an existing setup without fussing with external amps and crossovers. While there are some very impressive high end active monitors, you can also get an awesome sounding set of monitors on a budget. Active monitors are some of the few things in life that achieve that magic combination of simplicity, high quality, and affordability.

You can roughly correlate increased speaker size with increased bass response. We have massive actives with speaker sizes reaching all the way to 15 inches delivering incredible sound that rivals systems with dedicated subs. On the other side of the spectrum we have some amazingly small speakers. As small as 4 inches, these little fellows may not have the deep bass of their bigger cousins but they’re still capable of incredible clarity, perfect for checking the top end of your mix. If you already have a bigger set of active monitors, a small format pair might just be that second pair of ears you've been missing.

We also carry a wide variety of power and speaker configurations. From single amp, single speaker boxes all the way up to tri-amped multi-driver powerhouses, you have a lot of flexibility in matching the speakers to the size of your control room. Our smaller units come in a less that 50 watts and are perfect for bedroom studios. If you have a nice big control room and you want to really knock the socks off your producer, have a look at our bigger options. Many of these monsters top 500 watts. That's gonna rattle some bones! Of course, we also carry many active monitors that fall between these two extremes.

Let's talk about how you're going to hook these puppies to your system. The most common input connector type is definitely XLR, but we have units that can take a wide variety of inputs. Some of the more common types are 1/4 inch, 1/8 inch and RCA. If that doesn't fit your kit, you can even find options for Coax, BNC, and even binding post connectors. In whatever form your signal arrives, there is a great set of active monitors waiting to take it and fill your room with your glorious mix. A lot of people don't realize that you can also chain active speakers in a series. Many of our speakers come with various types of outputs. Can you say wall of sound?

That's a lot to take in, we know. If your eyes are crossing at all of the options, you are not alone. Save yourself the migraine and call up our awesome Sales Engineers. They know all the ins, outs, sizes and shapes of the active monitors we carry. They love talking about this stuff and are ready to help you size it all up. You'll be blown away by the way your sweet new pair of active monitors take your mixes to the next level and beyond. Learn More

Questions about Active Monitors?

Questions about Active Monitors?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

Questions about Active Monitors?

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