Radial Space Heater

8 x 2 Analog Summing Mixer with Tube Saturation, Adjustable 35V/70V/140V Tube Operation, 8 Inserts, and Transformer-coupled Outputs
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Radial Space Heater image 1
Radial Space Heater image 1
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Radial Space Heater
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Tube Saturation, Transformer Warmth, and Analog Summing

An 8-channel stereo summing mixer with 12AX7 tubes for sonic excitement, the Radial Space Heater can add incredible depth and harmonic richness to your tracks. Recording engineers at Sweetwater know that summing in the analog domain, as opposed to within your DAW, is a great way to get that big-console sound. The Space Heater's variable tube overdrive allows you to add everything from subtle transformer warmth to rich harmonic distortion. From gluing individual drum tracks into a cohesive kit to mixing down your final stems, the Radial Space Heater will add a great sound to your productions.

Radial Space Heater 8-channel Summing Mixer at a Glance:
  • Tubes and transformers are just what your digital tracks need
  • Variable voltage for fine-tuning the tube sound
  • Two useful studio tools in one
Tubes and transformers are just what your digital tracks need

No matter how well you record your tracks, or how you approach your mixes in your DAW, it's hard to beat the undeniably rich and deep sound that summing in the analog domain is known for. Instead of investing in a large analog console, a summing mixer like the Radial Space Heater is the perfect match for DAW-based studios. The transformer-coupled outputs add a touch of warmth, and variable tube overdrive is perfect for adding sparkle to vocals, depth to acoustic instruments, and even full-on distortion for extreme effects. Send your stems through the Space Heater, record the stereo mix back into your DAW, and you'll be impressed with the results.

Variable voltage for fine-tuning the tube sound

The Radial Space Heater not only gives you variable tube overdrive for each stereo input pair, but it also allows you to switch between 35-volt, 70-volt, and 140-volt operation. Use the 35-volt setting for maximum grit and distortion, or switch over to 70 volts for more clean headroom and a smoother sound. When you want the most clean headroom, switch over to 140 volts. You can adjust the voltage for each stereo input pair individually, which means you can add gritty overdrive to rock vocals while giving bass and drums tons of clean headroom for a deep, punchy sound.

Two useful studio tools in one

One look at the back panel tells you that the Radial Space Heater is ready to be a studio workhorse. Each of the eight channels can be set up as a hardware insert, which means you can send individual tracks through the Space Heater to add tube saturation and transformer warmth. Once your individual tracks are perfect, and you're ready to sum your final mix, run your stems through the Space Heater and record the final stereo mix to your DAW. The Space Heater is effectively a smart combination of four outstanding tube/transformer modules plus an analog mixer.

Radial Space Heater 8-channel Summing Mixer Features:
  • Stereo summing mixer for adding warmth, depth, and harmonic richness
  • A 12AX7 tube for each input pair lets you add anything from subtle sparkle to full-on distortion
  • Transformer-coupled outputs add a touch of character while maintaining a high-quality, low-noise signal
  • 3 adjustable voltage modes (35-volt/70-volt/140-volt) allow you to adjust how much clean headroom you have before distortion begins
  • Use it as an analog summing mixer or as 4 individual tube saturation/transformer warmth modules
  • Multiple units can be linked for higher channel count
Add big-console sound to your DAW with the Radial Space Heater!

Additional Media

Radial Space Heater Tube Summing Mixer Demo by Sweetwater

Tech Specs

Type Analog Summing Mixer
Inputs 8 x 1/4", 1 x DB-25 (8 channel)
Outputs 2 x XLR, 1 x DB-25 (8 channel), 1 x 1/4" (headphones)
Other I/O 2 x 1/4" (in/out Link), 16 x 1/4" (8 inserts)
Features 12AX7 tube with 3 adjustable modes
Manufacturer Part Number R800 7050 00

Customer Reviews

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Shocklingly Good

I purchased a Radial Spaceheater after watching videos and some professional reviews. I noticed there were not too many regular user reviews, so I felt the need to leave one. Let me say, I was blown away by this product. I am an amateur producer, although I have training and have been a musician for over 20 years. I typically rely on high quality plugins (ie Izotope Alloy and Ozone) as well as good mics/pre-amps. I have an Antelope Zen Studio, so I have a nice interface. I always found my mixes lacking a bite, the drums a crispness the bass was lacking the amp like feeling.the vocals presence. Ok, so You can send 4 stereo tracks into this, adjust the gain/level of each tube and let me tell you, plug your headphones into the Spaceheater to hear what it is doing to the mix in the Bus and you will loose it. It comes to life. When you hear producers talk about "glue" the mix together...well, look no further. I am sure gear 1000's more expensive can not do what this does. I output the Spaceheater Bus into a Neve Portico 5043 Compressor set low and soft and the mix sounded like a professional master. I used Izope Ozone to do a little limiting and eqing, but my god... I was blown away. I highly recommend considering the spaceheater, well built, easy to use, amazing connections.

Strength & Honor

Wanted to add distortion/drive to hardware and software synths. Ended up getting that, but was really impressed with just added Heat/Voltage using adjustable voltage on Virtual instruments that were too perfect sounding like a Rhodes, Wurlitzer or well designed virtual synths Filters whose distortion lacking meat. Now my Leslie has a much better Pre Amp stage, hardware and software heated up to taste. Using dual DB-25s makes racking a breeze. I want to add another since this sounds great on IEMs and nearfields, but on the Line Array it is most noticeable. One Happy Camper
Music background: Star Of Stage & Screen
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