Tech 21 SansAmp Character Series VT Bass DI

Bass DI/Preamp with Speaker Emulation, Character Control, XLR Output, and Parallel Output
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Tech 21 SansAmp Character Series VT Bass DI image 1
Tech 21 SansAmp Character Series VT Bass DI image 1
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Tech 21 SansAmp Character Series VT Bass DI
In Stock!

Big Bass Tones in a DI

Add killer bass tones to any rig or stage with the Tech 21 VT Bass DI pedal. This robust DI pedal features a blend control to dial in the perfect amount of direct signal and SansAmp circuitry. A bite switch adds punch to your treble while tightening up the low end. Perfect for stage and studio, the VT Bass DI sports a 1/4-inch, XLR, and parallel outputs for flexible use. A character controls takes you from old-school tube amps to modern rock rigs.

Tech 21 SansAmp VT Bass DI at a Glance:

  • Flexible preamp controls let you sculpt the tone you need

  • SansAmp technology, built-in speaker emulation
  • Proven technology, great products
Flexible preamp controls let you sculpt the tone you need

Tech 21's SansAmp circuitry lets you dial in everything from classic bass amp sound to modern bass rigs. Use the VT Bass DI's character knob to conjure up fat, classic rigs that fill the low end of any recording or gig. Add rock 'n roll grit to your tone with a twist of the drive knob. The Tech 21 SansAmp VT Bass DI lets you blend your original signal and your new tailored sound easily with the built-in blend control.

SansAmp technology, built-in speaker emulation

Being a genuine SansAmp, the Tech 21 SansAmp VT Bass DI pedal is far more than just a stompbox. The VT Bass DI can be used as a standalone bass preamp to drive a power amp, a studio mixer, or a PA system, with the rich SansAmp cabinet emulation that sounds huge - even straight into a computer soundcard. Or plug The SansAmp VT Bass DI pedal into your bass rig to take your tone somewhere special.

Proven technology, great products

Since the first SansAmp was unleashed back in 1989, Tech 21's has developed an impressive line of products to cover every application. Each SansAmp product is still hand-built in the USA using the best possible materials and exclusive components, such as our smooth custom actuators which are licensed to other major manufacturers. Tech 21's range of products are developed with a critical ear for tonal perfection and an open ear to our customers' needs.

Tech 21 SansAmp VT Bass DI Features:

  • Powerful bass DI with multiple outputs

  • SansAmp circuitry lets you dial in everything from classic bass amp sound to modern bass rigs
  • Use as a stompbox, preamp, or standalone recording tool
  • Six level, tone, and drive-shaping controls (level, mid, character, drive, low, and high knobs)
  • All-metal chassis is extremely rugged and dependable
The Tech 21 SansAmp VT Bass DI is an all-in-one preamp, stompbox, and recording tool.

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Tech Specs

Type DI/Preamp
Form Factor Pedal
Inputs 1 x 1/4"
Outputs 2 x 1/4", 1 x XLR
Height 2.5"
Width 5.75"
Depth 4.25"
Manufacturer Part Number CS-VTB-DI

Customer Reviews

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Perfect recording solution

I have recorded bass in a DI fashion for years. I wasted countless hours trying out, buying, dialing in Amp sim plugins and never truly liked any of them. This hardware unit outdoes any amp-sim I've tried. It's all analog, and no need to bog down your system with yet another amp sim. I sometimes run a compressor pedal before the VT, and I have a very nearly finished bass sound at the recording stage. I run the XLR into my Mackie mixer, power it with phantom power, and direct out that channel to my interface. I run the 1/4" out on the VT to another channel on my mixer for zero latency recording, no matter how large my recording session is. This thing is so versatile in sound and in function. It's definitely a forever piece of gear in my studio. Wish I'd gotten it sooner!
Music background: Songwriter, Recordist, Punk, Music Nerd

VT Bass DI brings the best of both SansAmp worlds.

I already own a SansAmp Bass DI and a SansAmp VT, and wished that Tech 21 would someday come out with a combined DI version. Low and behold, they did, and it is a great tool to have. I will be selling my other two units and using this one exclusively. I/we use a Bose L1 system for vocals and instruments for our duet gigs. It's pretty cool being able to dial in three distinct Ampeg sounds and having them emitted from our compact sound system. Kudos to Tech 21, and to Sweetwater for being the first to carry this beast. They emailed me as soon as it was available, and, as always, Jon Gillespie gave great service in shipping the unit the same day I ordered it. I received it the next day. Couldn't be more pleased.
Music background: Actively performing bass player for over 50 years.

VT Bass DI is worthy

I have owned and used the venerable SansAmp Bass DI (v1) for around twelve years. This VT Bass DI is a most worthy successor. Sweetwater got mine to me pronto upon availability. This is not an effects pedal. It is a highly capable bass preamp built into the direct box format; it includes balanced and unbalanced outputs with appropriate pad or boost for each, SansAmp circuitry, cabinet emulation that is really good, ability to function from phantom power, and a Bite switch that is better explained on the Tech 21 website. The EQ controls are active (note: misprint in manual - the Mid control is centered on 1KHz as opposed to the misprint 500Hz). All the variable controls are analog and interactive thus giving a vast sonic palette. Since it's replacing my BDDI, the VT box will be principally used to drive a 1 KW power amp which in turn drives whichever speaker cabinets I require. The VTBDI driving a power amp is a great way to a very high-quality bass rig on the comparative cheap. The VTBDI seems to have incipient compression in any setting thus rendering individual notes more even with each other. This is only slightly perceptible, and I view it as a plus. USA-manufactured Ampeg solid state amps I have owned, particularly the SVT 3, exhibit this trait in a much less musical manner. The Tech 21 box turns that into a positive by not audibly distorting. Bottom line is I can use the 'VT without additional compression. This is very nice. The tones are deep,powerful, and compact. Perfect for ensemble. Plenty of push. Personally, I prefer a more traditional timbre; Character at eight or nine o'clock, Drive at around ten o'clock, and Blend around noon. Good approximation of SVT/V4B just starting to work a bit. Excellent detail. I play a Fender Hotrod Precision Bass with DR's, so it's all passive. Really big sound using a power amp and a Tech 21 B410 cabinet. I do like this box.
Music background: Pro musician


So I have been. Tech 21 user for some time now, and I really like most everything I have tried of the brand. My main sound for most gigs has been coming direct from my VT BASS Deluxe. The deluxe is a fantastic preamp/DI with programmable patches which is extremely handy. After I found a couple of go to sounds for my presets, I have left them alone and typically use only one preset per band. This has left me wanting for a smaller version of that tasty DI box. I was excited to see tech 21 moving out the VT BASS DI as a smaller single serving option for guys like me. Plus it has one CRUCIAL upgrade from the deluxe...BLEND Control. I had been longing for this feature forever as I love to be able to blend a little straight signal in with my emulated sound. I had my VT BASS DI for about three minutes before I found a delicious sound for my precision bass. I dialed in a bit of vintage warmth and away we go. I have the blend control set around 2-3:00 and it gets a very nice p bass chunky tone without being harsh. One day later I took my VT BASS DI with me to a short rehearsal and was in love with the small form factor and the tone was just what I wanted. I run direct in to PA with no bass amp for most rehearsals and the tone coming from the FOH is just great with this and all my other Tech 21 products. If you are looking for hi-fi funk bass solo stuff, this may not be the box you're looking for. For instance I use the ParaDriver DI often in the studio for projects that want a more "modern" tone. The ability to sweep the mods is a great function for that box, but personally I love the vintage voicing of the mid (1k) on the VT. Products. I would not hesitate to purchase this DI if I were you, nor would I buy it anywhere other than Sweetwater. I have never had a single negative thing to report in my dealings with Sweetwater over the years.
Music background: Gigging Musician, Studio Musician, Songwriter, home recording enthusiast.

very versatile

Great tube emulation. I run mine all the time, whether direct or with an amp. The mid control is just what I needed. I would buy another if it gets stolen. Goes from clean to full dirt. Can be used as a stomp box, too. Wonderful innovation.
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