StageTrix Pedal Riser for Pedalboards

Pedal Riser for Pedalboards
StageTrix Pedal Riser for Pedalboards image 1
StageTrix Pedal Riser for Pedalboards image 1
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StageTrix Pedal Riser for Pedalboards
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Get Your Pedals Up Where You Can Reach Them

Tired of not being able to easily use your pedals at the back of your boards? Stage Trix Pedal Riser is the solution you have been waiting for. This easy-to-use riser lets you raise your pedals 1". Made from 18-gauge steel, the Pedal Riser is durable and reliable. It connects quickly to your pedalboard and pedal with pre-installed hook-and-loop fasteners on the top and bottom of the riser. Make those hard-to-reach pedals easily accessible with Stage Trix Pedal Risers.

Stage Trix Pedal Risers Features:

  • Raise up hard to reach pedals at the back of your pedalboard

  • Gives your stompbox a 1" boost
  • Made from rugged 18-gauge steel
  • Helps with cable management
  • Attaches quickly to your pedalboard and pedal
Get access to those hard-to-reach pedals with the Stage Trix Pedal Riser.

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Cool Tool: StageTrix Pedal Riser

Tech Specs

Manufacturer Part Number SR1

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This is one of those fantastic products that simply does exactly what you need it to do.
Music background: Heavy stuff.

A must have...

Forget about tap dancing and get this riser to make for better access to your second row of pedals. Makes it easy to route your cables and keep them secure. Made of heavy duty steel that will last forever.
Music background: Weekend warrior.....playing guitar and bass


These things are awesome! I love 'em!! How come nobody ever thought of this before? This is perfect for the pedals on the back of my pedalboard! The height is just right, and the routing cavities for the power cables and connectors under the riser is genius! No more cluttered wires and such! Whoever designed this riser put a lot of thought into it. Pedals are stable sitting on top of the riser specially the "standard" sized one like Ibanez, MXR and Boss type enclosures even without velcro. I"ll use two of these puppies for larger pedals like the E-H Stereo Electric Mistress, Fulltone Supa-Trem. The top already has a pre-intsalled "Loop" velcro and the bottom comes with the "Hook" velcro. So if your pedalboard (like mine) already has the "Loop" velcro side, these things just drop-in and sticks and clings to your pedalboard and never lets go like my ex-girlfriend. I've been looking for something like this for years but now, boom! Odin answered my prayers! I ordered mine here at Sweetwater and I got two more coming my way! Sweetwater has currently the best prices on these and to top it off, FREE shipping! But wait! I'm not stopping there! You also get FREE Tech Support and FREE 2-Year Warranty! What?? No seriously! How could you go wrong with Sweetwater?! Well, you can't! Even with these idiot proof accessories they offer all of these great services for FREE. Almost unheard of in the retail music business world. Thanks Sweetwater, you guys ROCK!!!
Music background: Semi-Pro Musician, Playing guitar for 32 Years!

Work perfectly on my Pedaltrain board

These are perfect. There is already velcro on the top and bottoms of these perfectly sized risers. Just put 'em where you think you need them and drop your velcro-lined pedal on there and pug in. They were the perfect height. They look good and have slots and channels through them for the cables
Music background: Hobbyist with great ambitions


Sturdy and correct heighth for my board. It would be helpful if you could perforate the top and bottom edge so that they can be removed. On my tightly designed board they get in the way of the other pedals above and below.
Music background: 50 years of guitar joy
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