Event Opal 8" Active Studio Monitor No Longer Available

2-way Active Monitor with 7.1" Woofer and Rotatable Tweeter (each)
Item ID: Opal

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Event Opal 8
Event Opal 8

Sorry, the Event Opal 8" Active Studio Monitor is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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Event Opal 8" Active Studio Monitor
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$1,499.00 (each)

A Gem of a Monitor

Free Studio EQ Kit! Purchase a pair of Event Opal monitors from Sweetwater and after your register your product, Event will ship their acclaimed Studio EQ kit with software and calibration mic right to your door!

Opal represents the culmination of numerous patented technologies Event has been developing for years that they've now brought to fruition. To start, the Opal's 2-way driver design is nothing but world-class. Its EX8 driver boasts an impressive 30Hz-10kHz response with a high-power neodymium motor. Opal's ULD tweeter with rotatable wave guide is also worth note, as it blends beryllium with the extremely powerful neodymium motor for incredibly high SPL capabilities without the problem of distortion. Take your monitoring to the next level with Opal!

Event Opal at a Glance:
  • Design
  • Power
  • Drivers

Event paid close attention to the Opal's cabinet and bass port design to deliver top quality. The Opal wears aluminum for reduced resonance and features a complex curved body to minimize the diffraction issues that arise from flat or cornered sections. It sports front-mounted variable impedance bass reflex ports that neither rely on room acoustics like rear ports do, nor suffer from air distortion artifacts like you find in conventional front-ported systems. The result is extremely fast, deep, and accurate bass.

Opal can be used in a vertical or horizontal position (the tweeter and logos are rotatable) to accommodate a variety of setup situations. All controls are concealed on the front behind a flip-open panel, and the amp is mounted on the back and designed to be low profile for better mounting flexibility. Front porting allows for more positioning flexibility - in soffits and more! The high-fidelity analog circuitry ensures the purest sound and a microphone is included for room analysis and optimum system configuration.

Offering 270 watts of LF power and 50-watt HF power, stunning transient response, and general no-compromise engineering, you can expect an extended midrange, a surprisingly powerful low end, and an exceptionally precise and articulate sound with these amazing new reference monitors.

The Opal is loaded with an EX8 driver that boasts a 30Hz to 10kHz raw response and a high-strength polyamide cone for big sound - all powered by a 63mm neodymium motor. The ULD tweeter sports a powerful neodymium motor that drives an edge wound aluminum coil on an anodized aluminum dome. The tweeter can be rotated, allowing for either vertical or horizontal positioning of the monitor speaker. A second dedicated voice coil - named XCoil - is equipped for linearized impedance and reduced inductance and exhibits dramatically lowered distortion characteristics and increased speed and control of cone assembly. The end result? Amazing sound quality.

Event Opal Features:
  • Variable Impedance Flared Ports (patent pending)
  • Eliminates artifacts heard in rear reflection ports that rely on room acoustics
  • Internal engineering removes all port noise
  • Cabinet designed with complex radii to eliminate diffraction
  • Complete aluminum construction provides low resonance and pure wide sound stage
  • ULD Tweeter with powerful neodymium motor
  • Rotatable high frequency wave guide for side mounting
  • 270 watts (LF) and 50 watts (HF) power
  • Microphone for room analysis and optimum configuration
  • 7.1" EX8 Driver with 30Hz to 10kHz raw response
  • Carbon fiber reinforced cone with 63mm neodymium motor
  • Second dedicated voice coil
  • Linearized impedance and reduced inductance
  • Dramatically lowered distortion characteristics
  • Increased speed and control of cone assembly
Event's Opal takes monitoring to a new level!

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