Big Bends Nut Sauce in Groove Luber 1.5cc Tuning Lubricant

Lubricant for Your Guitar or Bass's Nut
Big Bends Nut Sauce in Groove Luber 1.5cc Tuning Lubricant image 1
Big Bends Nut Sauce in Groove Luber 1.5cc Tuning Lubricant image 1
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Big Bends Nut Sauce in Groove Luber 1.5cc Tuning Lubricant
In Stock!

Stay In Tune!

Tired of breaking strings? Tuning problems? Nut Sauce is the answer! Applied to pivot points, bridge saddles, nut slots, string guides, and any other contact point, Nut Sauce prolongs string life by helping to prevent string breakage due to friction. If you're a dive-bombing fanatic (or even if you're not) you'll notice improved tuning stability when you treat your nut with Nut Sauce. Say goodbye to broken strings and tuning instability. Add Nut Sauce to your guitar maintenance regimen and see what you've been missing!

Big Bends Nut Sauce Guitar Lubricant Features at a Glance:
  • "Groove Luber" 1.5cc size
  • Non-staining
  • Contains no petroleum products
  • Reduces string friction to improve tuning stability and reduce string breakage
Add Nut Sauce to your guitar maintenance regimen!

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Tech Specs

Manufacturer Part Number 1101010

Customer Reviews

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Nut sauce

This product delivers as advertised to a tee!!


I discovered this product a few years ago and have not strung or setup a guitar without it since. The applicator makes it easy to get the tiny amount needed right in the slots. I have 7 guitars and and 1.5oz will easily last me two years! If you have not tried this product, give it a shot.

Love This Stuff!!

I use Big Bends on all my Non-Locking Trem Guitars,put it on at the Nut and stays in Tune Great!!!
Music background: Working Musician

After All These Years!

After all these years of the aggravating "pop" while tuning up, and the string goes from flat to sharp, tune back flat, start tuning up, and sometimes another "pop". I have thought that it was a flaw in the tuning gears, strings slipping on the post, or some other flaw that I couldn't figure out. Then, I saw where someone has asked another if he had ever tried Nut Sauce on his guitar. I thought it was a joke. But, I googled it, there it was. I ordered a tube from Sweetwater, used it this morning, along with Gibson fret board conditioner, and when I tuned up no more "pop". I know that I will need to touch up the tuning due to string stretch, I am very satisfied with this product. My Les Paul is happy as well, with a new set of Ernie Ball Cobalt 9-42s!
Music background: Hobbyist

Perfect solution

Picked up a Les Paul Slash sig Rosso Corsa which I absolutely love but the G and B strings were constantly binding and detuning. Put the nut sauce on the nut and bridge, stretched the strings and so far it's stayed perfectly in tune. I'm sure there are home remedies that do a great job but I have nothing but good thoughts about making this purchase.
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