Kelly Concepts The Kelly SHU Bass Drum Microphone Shockmount Kit - Composite - Black Finlsh

Shockmount Kit for Kick Drum Mics
Kelly Concepts The Kelly SHU Bass Drum Microphone Shockmount Kit - Composite - Black Finlsh image 1
Kelly Concepts The Kelly SHU Bass Drum Microphone Shockmount Kit - Composite - Black Finlsh image 1
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Kelly Concepts The Kelly SHU Bass Drum Microphone Shockmount Kit - Composite - Black Finlsh
In Stock!

A Great New Way to Mic Your Kick Drum!

The Kelly SHU Composite kick drum mic shockmount gives you improved miked sound; plus, it takes up much less real estate onstage than does a standard mic stand! This system's horseshoe-shaped injection-molded composite mount is suspended by heavy-duty rubber support cords, which safely use your drum's hardware as anchor points! The SHU Composite kit includes everything you need to install this system, which provides several internal and external mic-positioning options. Put your kick mic exactly where you want it, every time, with the outstanding Kelly SHU Composite shockmount system!

Kelly SHU Composite Kick Drum Microphone Shockmount System Features:
  • SHU Composite mounting unit
  • 10 installation adjustment holes w/grommets
  • 16 support cord hooks
  • 2.7' of solid rubber support cord
  • Eight interior installation loops
  • Universal microphone post w/ standard threads
  • Oversized jam nut
  • Complete installation instructions
The Kelly SHU Composite kick drum mic shockmount system is a unique, space-saving way to capture great drum sound!

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Tech Specs

Manufacturer Part Number SHU-C (BLACK)

Customer Reviews

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Love the Kelly shu

Excellent I use it all day never a problem
Music background: Heavy metal drummer

Kelly Shu

I have been a working musician for more than 35+ yrs. and this is the BEST kick drum miking system that I have ever seen. Set it and forget it. Great Product!!! Thanks Kelly!!!
Music background: Musician

Easy install and great isolation!

Installed in a 22" DW kick with a D112. Used the may vent connector for the cable and looks very clean. No residual noises anymore from walking or jumping around the kick and no more boom stand for the kick mic.
Music background: Working Drummer

Wish I'd Thought of It

Installed this in my kick drum last week. Took about 45 minutes total, including getting the tools together, (nut driver, channel lock pliers, scissors), removing the front head, figuring out the best position, putting the mounting cords together, actually installing the mic and mount, and then reinstalling the front head. Used it at our next gig a few days later and it worked great. I checked it a couple of times over the course of the evening and the mic didn't move at all. I may install an XLR output on the lower side of my kick, just to give a cleaner look on stage and eliminate the cord dangling out the front kick port, but I understand that not everyone would want to go drilling a hole in the side of their drum. Since a lot of the stages my band plays on are pretty small, not having a mic stand in front of the kick, which can get in the way of other band members, is a big plus. Not having to worry about lugging around a mic stand for the kick is also nice. I used 6 mounting points on my installation, but the kit comes with enough hooks, straps, and shockcord to either add a couple of more if you find them necessary, or to just use as spare parts if one breaks in the future. It seems to work very well. Just wish I'd thought of it.
Music background: Drummer over 40 years, soundman over 20.

Great product

So, I received the Kelly Shu Composite and installed it in my kick last night. I am really very happy with the quality of the product and the instructions for install. It only took about 30 minutes with some tweaking of the cord lengths and it was done. The kit came with everything you need and the quality of all the parts is top notch. More importantly, it holds the mic right where I wanted it and allowed me to get rid of another stand!
Music background: Drummer of 20+ years

Sweetwater Advice

Brendan Murphy

Amazing! My kick drum sounds great - I'll never go back to a stand. It also has a side benefit: the bands hold my dampening pillow in place, even when I moved my drum around.
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