Bettermaker EQ502P

500 Series Stereo EQ with Shelf Filters and Digital Recall of Up To 399 Presets
Bettermaker EQ502P image 1
Bettermaker EQ502P image 1
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Bettermaker EQ502P
Special Order

Stereo 500 Series EQ with Digital Features

Add the Addicted to Music Bettermaker EQ502P 500 Series EQ into your rack for a powerful and flexible analog passive-EQ unit. Created after classic passive EQ designs, the EQ502P delivers an extremely musical EQ in an easy-to-use package that includes user-definable presets. The front-panel USB port lets you take control of the Bettermaker EQ502P from your favorite DAW. A dedicated plug-in lets you control, save presets, and even use it with automation. The Addicted to Music Bettermaker EQ502P 500 Series EQ gives you pure analog sound with digital control.

Addicted to Music Bettermaker EQ502P 500 Series EQ at a Glance:
  • Powerful stereo EQ for your studio
  • Integrate the Bettermaker directly into your DAW
Powerful stereo EQ for your studio

Designed after vintage passive-EQ units, Addicted to Music's Bettermaker EQ502P delivers the classic sound of shelf filters. Each filter, high and low, has a dedicated cut and boost control. Various switches and buttons give you even more control and ways to focus your sound to produce the exact EQ you're looking for. Once you dial in your sound, you can save it for future recall as a user preset. No more having to hunt and find an old setting or trying to match the sound you had yesterday, simply hold the preset knob for two seconds and your EQ settings are saved. The Bettermaker EQ502P EQ offers all-analog sound with digital convenience.

Integrate the Bettermaker directly into your DAW

The front-panel USB input of the Addicted to Music Bettermaker EQ502P 500 Series EQ module lets you control your setting directly from your DAW. Via a free plug-in, you can recall presets, adjust setting, and save presets on the EQ502P. You can even program and save automation in your session. The USB connection is only for changing EQ settings within your DAW, and does not pass audio.

Addicted to Music Bettermaker EQ502P 500 Series EQ Features:
  • 500 Series stereo EQ with USB I/O and plug-in control
  • Isolated and separated analog and digital sections
  • Shelf filters based off of classic passive-EQ designs
  • USB link to use EQ as a plug-in, including Automation
  • Free plug-in controller available in AU, VST, RTAS, and soon AAX
  • Save up to 399 presets for instant recall
Addicted to Music's EQ502P 500 Series EQ module gives you analog sound with digital control.

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500 Series Buying Guide

Tech Specs

Number of Channels 2 (stereo, dual mono)
Number of Bands 2
High Pass Filter -14dB shelf filter
Low Pass Filter -14dB shelf filter
Bypass Yes
USB 1 x Type B
Q Type Selectable
Boost/Cut Range ±10
Frequency Response 5Hz-100kHz
Freq Range High 12kHz, 16kHz & 20kHz settings
Freq Range Hi-Mid 3kHz-10kHz settings
Freq Range Low 20Hz-100Hz settings
Power Usage +16V 200mA, -16V 50mA
Width 2 x 500 series slots
Manufacturer Part Number EQ502P

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Better music with BETTERMAKER !

Nate Edwards is the absolute "TRUTH" ! When he told about the pultec style eq502p I was a little skeptical but he has sold me plenty of gear i.e.. Neve 542 tape emulator,Dangerous compressor, 2 Buslt, and he has never steered me wrong yet. So I did the research before I made the purchase and found out Dave Pensado and Bob Katz is using this eq and they actually made the purchase. The company didn't give it to them free for endorsement purposes. Do the research and you will see for yourself. But now that I have had it for a couple of weeks I now know why they speak so strongly about Bettermaker. Straight butter this eq big bottom Lo end if desire and puts the air in a mix like know other.
Music background: Mix engineer 15 years plus

Amazing eq.. Smooth

After hearing this eq.. Youll want the 542 as well.. Smooth rich tone on the low end.. And you can push this eq .. The plus is. After working a curve. You can save it in your daw as well. Comes with a vst that links to the hardware.


Word to the wise - Remember audio gear is not magic. It will not solve all of your problems even if it appears to be nice. Learn about these things before jumping in on them. Don't make the same mistakes I have made. You have to understand the intricate nature of EQ processing as well as dynamic processing, etc., otherwise you could spend 10,000 dollars and still be frustrated and confused. That being said if you know what you're doing then by all means this is a great EQ.
Music background: Who Cares

Sweetwater Advice

Nathan Malone

The Bettermaker EQ series is the future of analog hardware. The fact that the EQ502P is a fantastic-sounding stereo Pulteq-style EQ which fits in a 500-series rack was enough for me. But I can also control it digitally! (The Bettermaker series comes with a plug-in that I can use to to control the hardware unit from inside my DAW.) Gone are the days of taking pictures of my EQ settings or having to spend time writting them down. Now I save settings and instantly recall them - on an ANALOG piece of gear! Mine is never going leave my rack!
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