EMG SPC Active Strat Presence Control

Active Guitar Tone Control Pot with Battery Clip and Output Jack
EMG SPC Active Strat Presence Control image 1
EMG SPC Active Strat Presence Control image 1
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EMG SPC Active Strat Presence Control
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Give Your Single-coil Pickups That Fat Humbucker Sound!

The EMG EMG-SPC Active tone control gives your single-coil-equipped electric guitar the sound and output of a humbucker-loaded model! The EMG-SPC ("Strat Presence Control") boosts gain in the midrange, slightly reduces highs, and warms up your sound. And if you really want to drive the front end of your amp and create some seriously fat tone, try the EMG-SPC with a humbucking pickup. Here's a very effective and inexpensive way to improve the tone of your favorite axe! An output jack and battery clip set are packaged with the EMG-SPC.

EMG EMG-SPC Active Tone Control for Electric Guitar Features:
  • Boosts gain in midrange
  • Reduces highs
  • Works with single-coil and humbucking pickups
  • Output jack and battery clip included
The EMG-SPC gives you very affordable way to make any electric guitar sound bigger!

Tech Specs

Manufacturer Part Number 169.00

Customer Reviews

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Midrange: The Secret to GREAT guitar tone....

I'm a former employee of PRS Guitars & 1 thing PRS taught was how important midrange is to getting a good guitar tone. I built a "David Gilmour" Strat recently & I used EMG SA pickups. The Strat sounded REALLY impressive, however I was looking for a way to boost my midrange frequencies. I discovered the EMG SPC. The installation, frankly, is a nightmare. Take this to a professional to have the installation do properly. Anyway I had it installed & WOW !!! Turn the knob all the way up & it's just midrange galore !!!!!! I let the knob sit at "5" & I found this to be the perfect setting for me. The EMG SPC is a HUGE improvement on any Strat....it's amazing. I really wasn't expecting that much of a difference, boy was I wrong. Honestly this device is the difference between good Strat tone & incrediable Strat tone. The difference is THAT pronounced. Buy & install this device on your Strat & prepare to be blown away !
Music background: Pro Musician


I was putting the EMG after burner on some of my guitars and liked the results so I thought I would try something new. I noticed the SPC and thought I would give it try. I put it into my ESP that has an EMG 81,85 combo and man what a difference! With it turned all the way down the guitar is normal as it was stock no change from stock which is great. Crank this puppy all the way up and prepare for awesomeness. It gives the pickups a great mid range bite with just a slight boost in output (but enough to be noticed). Does not color the low or high end in any way. Boosts the mid range only and beautifully. EMG nailed the frequencies perfect. Great product. I wish I had started with this instead of the AB because I think a few ABs will be getting replaced with the SPC. The SPC will end up in all my guitars. Next is the Strat, can't wait to hear what it does with single coils cause that is what it was designed for. But I know this, it's great with humbuckers!
Music background: Rec Eng,Musician,Teacher

great addition for single-coil EMGs!

I play a Tele with EMG Tele pickups into a vintage Mesa Mk I. It's set to give me a fat clean sound, but basically no grind (I use pedals for dirt). I replaced the Tele tone control with the SPC. When I first plugged it into the amp, it was so dirty I thought I'd left a pedal on! No, it was just the SPC driving the amp into overdrive. Wow! That trick where you're supposed to be able to work the volume knob to go clean-to-mean at the amp? The SPC does that FAR better than the volume knob does! I'm very, very pleased. It took an already great-sounding guitar (my #1) and made it even more versatile. This Tele with EMG pickups and the SPC does everything a Tele is supposed to do, and then some - and does it with no noise!

It's my master 'Fatness' control

The SPC is a great addition to my EMG guitar. It does just what they say it will do.... it fattens up the tone. It is not a real big volume difference - it is more like a fattness control that you can dial in as much as you want...... a mid boost but with presence. I am very happy with this purchase and I like the plug 'n play wiring. I have two EMG single coils and an 85 Humbuker at the bridge. Now I have a master volume, a master tone and a master 'fatness' for all pickups.
Music background: Pro Musician

Very active add-in as it sits in series with your signal

This control sits in series with your signal. I didn't realize this though I should have as years ago I put one in an EMG loaded pickguard. It worked great with those as they are already active but if you are a purist like me, you may not like what it does to you signal even when turned all the way down with regular passive pickups. It has some usefulness but I found it took away more than it gave. It's coming out.
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