Solid State Logic AWS 948

24-channel/48-input/8-bus Analog Mixing Console and Control Surface with 24 Motorized Faders, Onboard Signal Processing, and SuperAnalogue Technology
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Solid State Logic AWS 948 image 1
Solid State Logic AWS 948 image 1
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Solid State Logic AWS 948

SuperAnalogue Sound and Total DAW Control

The pro-quality console and control your studio needs

A premium in-line analog console and an amazing DAW controller, the Solid State Logic AWS 948 workstation gives you both without the slightest degree of compromise in either sound quality or range of functions. On the analog side, the AWS 948 is a complete 24-channel/8-bus standalone mixer with 48 analog inputs. Each of the AWS 948's 24 channels features a top-of-the-line SSL SuperAnalogue microphone preamplifier, stereo line-level inputs, a stereo 4-band EQ, and a stereo compressor — all based on classic SSL technology. And with the push of a button, the AWS 948's 24-channel fader bank instantly becomes an ultra-smooth motorized control surface for your favorite DAW, including complete control over most plug-ins.

This in-line hybrid console delivers legendary SSL workflow, top-quality sound, and total DAW control!

On the return side, a 6-channel monitoring system makes the AWS 948 fully equipped to handle monitoring for up to 5.1 surround-sound mixes, complete with insert points and external metering outputs. A full set of communication options gives you the talkback routing you need. And the AWS 948 even includes a center-section Master Bus compressor based on the legendary G Series console. With an SSL AWS 948 workstation in your studio, you'll be able to mix better-sounding music more quickly than ever before.

Hover over features below for a detailed description

Master Fader lets you control and automate main volume
Record and Mix Bus functions for advanced operation
Communications controls let you keep in touch with the talent
Transport and motion controls for DAW control
Function keys provides channel mode controls for switching between Stereo Mix, In-line Mix, and In-line Tracking modes as well as triggering other universal options
DAW control panel provides many useful and common DAW commands, so you almost never need to reach for your keyboard and mouse
TFT display and soft keys let you control a wide range of system functions, plug-in selection, and Total Recall
Foldback and stereo return controls for dialing in headphone mixes and external processing paths
Dynamics section and auxiliary/track bus masters let you access the G Series Master Bus compressor, 2 compressor/gates, and essential bus controls
Bus meter panel includes 3 VU meters for main outs plus 12-segment stereo LED meters for additional buses
Oscillator and communications controls let you run test tones, access talkback, and toggle listen mode
12-segment LED meters provide stereo/2-channel monitoring for each input channel
Track bus routing and source selection panel includes pre-fader and post-pan switches plus dynamic assignment options
4-band parametric XL 9000 K Series Channel EQs let you select from the more precise E Series or the more musical G Series tonal characteristics for the high/low bands and the middle frequencies
Input section includes mic and line gain controls plus switches for phantom power, -20dB pad, phase invert, insert, and input flip
Cue and FX sends with depressible pots let you select auxiliary routing
Channel pan and routing buttons for Mix and Rec buses also allow for 48-channel mixing
Digital scribble strips display channel information for a variety of DAW functions and console setup
V-Pot plus solo and cut switches let you control either DAW channel or console channel functions, depending on the console Focus Mode
Solo, Cut (mute), and DAW channel select controls
100mm motorized channel fader controls stereo signal path and DAW track volume (as well as other parameters) in DAW focus mode. A-FADA automation allows DAW automation to control analog console volume as well as DAW track volume
Monitor panel gives you detailed control over 4 different speaker sets, including 2 sets of 5.1 surround monitors, plus a variety of sources and configuration options

Classic SSL Preamps and Processing

Timeless circuit designs deliver essential console sound

The iconic SSL sound is a combination of classic preamps, precise and musical EQs, powerful dynamics, and the vitality of smooth analog summing. The Solid State Logic AWS 948 delivers! It all starts off with a full set of SuperAnalogue preamps, which offer up to 75dB of gain, plus switchable phantom power, phase reverse, -20dB pad, and mode-dependent insert points. Each channel also comes equipped with a 4-band parametric XL 9000 K Series Channel EQ, which lets you select from the more precise E Series or the more musical G Series tonal characteristics for both the high/low bands and the middle frequencies. Top it off with a pair of channel compressors, a Master Bus compressor, and true analog summing, and the AWS 948 is the fully loaded SSL console you really want.

Channel Strips at a Glance:

  • Traditional SSL preamps offer 75dB of gain and classic sound
  • Phantom power, phase reverse, and -20dB pad onboard
  • 3-way, mode-dependent insert points available per channel
  • 4-band EQ with switchable E/G Series high/low and mid bands
  • Two dynamics channels and a Master Bus compressor built in

SuperAnalogue for Superior Results

Pristine analog sound lets you get more from your gear

Audio systems are defined by their bottlenecks, such as dynamic range, noise floor, and true frequency response. In most systems, this occurs well before the digital stage, which offers 144dB of dynamic range (at 24-bit) and supports frequencies up to 96kHz (a full 76kHz above the threshold of human hearing). That isn't the case with SSL's SuperAnalogue DC-coupled circuitry design. Using top-of-the-line surface-mount manufacturing techniques, the signal path from any point to another in the AWS 948 offers an extremely wide frequency range with a flat response, next to no distortion, and an almost unmeasurable noise floor. Even if you're recording at 24-bit/192kHz, this console will never be your sonic bottleneck.

SuperAnalogue Circuitry at a Glance:

  • Same DC-coupled circuit design found in SSL's top gear
  • Transparent signal path exceeds 24-bit/192kHz resolution
  • Extremely wide frequency range with flat response
  • Ultra-low distortion performance won't color your sound
  • Virtually non-existent noise floor offers extended dynamics

Flexible In-line Console Configuration

Three operation modes offer flexible in-line workflows

While it's the same size as the AWS 924, the AWS 948 packs 48 inputs in a 24-fader design, courtesy of its unique Dual Path Channel Strip configuration. In many ways, this design is reminiscent of the traditional SSL in-line setup, but its sophisticated operation modes provide even more useful workflow options for modern music production. These modes include Stereo Mix, In-line Mix, and In-line Tracking.

Stereo Mix uses the entire channel strip as a single stereo source, and while this mode more closely resembles the functionality of a standard mixer, it's worth noting that the channel equalizers and insert points are capable of full stereo operation. In-line Mix doubles the number of inputs, allowing you to control the level, mutes, and solos, with the V-Pot section of each channel. In-line Tracking takes full advantage of the AWS 948's DAW communication, offering a traditional SSL tracking/monitoring workflow, but with the added benefit of being able to automatically detect your DAW's record/playback state to make drop-in recording totally seamless.

In-line Configuration at a Glance:

  • 24 Dual Path Channel Strips provide 48 in-line channel inputs
  • Three operation modes offer a variety of workflow options
  • Stereo Mix mode accesses stereo EQs and insert points
  • In-line Mix lets you mix two mono line inputs independently
  • In-line Tracking with Auto-M makes punching in seamless

Powerful Control Surface for Your DAW

Take command with motorized faders and more

Setting the stage for the modern hybrid studio console, the SSL 948 and other 900 series models provide you with a fully loaded control surface integrated directly into your workflow. With HUI control via Ethernet, a full set of motorized faders, and versatile V-Pot encoders, the AWS 948 lets you take total control of Pro Tools, Nuendo, SONAR, and many other popular DAWs. A-FADA (Analogue Fader Accesses DAW Automation) mode even lets you seamlessly blend DAW and console automation. A high-quality TFT display with assignable soft keys and a complete set of DAW controls, including transport, streamline everything from track setup to plug-in tweaking, and digital scribble strips provide you with essential information. And with the AWS console's ability to respond dynamically to DAW feedback, your 948 offers a level of software integration that's second to none.

DAW Control at a Glance:

  • 24 channel faders with provided DAW track automation
  • Fully equipped transport offers total playback control
  • Detailed TFT display lets you access advanced options
  • HUI control provides compatibility with most DAWs
  • Responds dynamically to sophisticated DAW feedback

Fully Loaded Center Console Section

Total Recall to total communications all in one place

The AWS 948 center section provides you with comprehensive control over monitoring, talkback, and a whole lot more. Right off the bat, the AWS 948 comes prepared for four monitor setups, including two mains up to 5.1 surround and two mini stereo monitor options, with monitoring inserts and bass management options built right in. In addition to headphone management, there's a complete communications section, which makes talkback and listen functions simple. Speaking of simple, the AWS series makes recalling settings easier than ever, thanks to the detailed full-color TFT display. Finally, the center section is where the Master Bus compressor and two channel-style compressor/gate processors live, which you can apply to the mixes of your choice for classic SSL punch and smoothness.

Center Console Section at a Glance:

  • An extensive and logical set of main function controls
  • Monitor section lets you manage four sets of speakers
  • Communications module covers talkback and listen
  • Full-color TFT display makes Total Recall a breeze
  • Includes cue/bus management, dynamics, and more

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Control Surface Buying Guide

Tech Specs

Type Analog
Channels 48
Inputs - Mic Preamps 24 x XLR
Inputs - Line 48 x XLR (Stereo)
Inputs - Other 24 x 1/4" (Instrument), 2 x 1/4" (Key)
Outputs - Main 4 x XLR
Outputs - Direct 24 x XLR
Outputs - Other 1 x XLR (Mini BL), 1 x XLR (Mini BR), 1 x XLR (OSC), 2 x DB25 (MON A/B), 4 x 1/4" (FB), 4 x 1/4" (FX)
Headphones 2 x 1/4"
Send/Return I/O 48 x 1/4" (Send), 24 x 1/4 (Rtn) (CH 1-24), 2 x 1/4 (Main Send) 4 x 1/4" (Main Rtn), 8 x 1/4" (Echo Rtn), 2 x DB25 (Send/Mon/Rtn
Phantom Power 24
EQ Bands 4-band (E-Series, G-Series Switch)
Aux Sends 4 x FX
Busses/Groups 2 x Bus (Main Stereo)
Faders 25 x 100mm
Channel Inserts Yes
Effects Yes
Talkback Yes
Computer Connectivity 6 x MIDI In/Out, 1 x Ethernet, 2 x Serial (9-pin)
Height 17.87", 36.42" (w/Stand)
Width 56.89"
Depth 34.37"
Weight 238 lbs. (Including Stand)
Manufacturer Part Number 729948A1

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