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Zildjian A Series Sweet Ride Review

"I just found my new "go-to" ride cymbal. The versatility was just unmatched by anything I had played so far."

Like most drummers, I have a hard time finding cymbals that speak to me in just the right way. I admit it. I am one picky drummer. With that in mind, I was riveted the first time that I laid my bare hands on the Sweet Ride. With no sticks at all, the cymbal responded with brilliance to just the tapping of my fingers. Now that is what I call responsive!

After getting the Sweet Ride behind a kit, I began to realize how much more this 21″ sheet of bronze had to give. I tried it with every kind of stick I could get my hands on. Nylon tips came out nice and bright, enough to cut through any mix. Wood tips brought out a slight earthy tone beneath the overall shimmer. The smooth roll of felt mallets revealed an unexpected, rich undertone. Even wire brushes displayed versatility. The cymbal was thin enough to respond to every touch of the brushes, providing distinct tones from the bell to the edge.

Now for a more practical application. I wanted to see what this thing could really do. Weaving in and out of all kinds of styles, the Sweet Ride proved its name. Jazz, fusion, and R&B were all perfect, giving me all the definition that I needed with a little of that special character that we all strive for. On the heavier side of rock, country, latin, and hip-hop music, there was plenty of presence, especially riding the bell of the cymbal, but never so much that it overwhelmed the rest of the set. This heavier music brought to my attention that this cymbal could also be one heck of a crash! I was blown away and completely in love.

So, after a bit of a journey, I arrived at an unexpected conclusion. I just found my new “go-to” ride cymbal. The versatility was just unmatched by anything I had played so far. I’ll hang onto my old, age-darkened Zildjian ride, but there’s a new staple in my arrangement. If I ever have to play a gig with only one cymbal, it’ll be one Sweet Ride.

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