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Yamaha MO6 Review

The intuitive design allows quick and precise tweaking of sounds. The 16-track sequencer works as a great tool to arrange and sculpt songs.

The MO6 is a full scale workstation with the versatility to be used as a stand-alone sequencer, live keyboard, or an addition to a computer based system. The first thing that caught my attention when I opened the box was the on-board faders and knobs. Within minutes I was tweaking and applying effects to presets. This unit boasts many unique features such as these. The Yamaha MO6 is a member of the popular Motif family, and the sound library comes loaded with 700+ presets to accommodate even the most complex of musical styles. 

The unit’s intuitive design allows quick and precise tweaking of its sounds. The faders and knobs can be assigned to a variety of features dependent on the unit’s mode of operation. This is great for modifying or creating patches on the fly. The faders also come in handy while mixing your arrangements with the on-board mixer and effects. Experimentation with the arpeggiator function can lead to some very interesting phrases that are highly ideal in dance music production.

The MO6 features a 16 track sequencer that works as a great tool to arrange and sculpt songs from raw to polished form. Operation of the sequencer is very user friendly, leaving every option just a few clicks away. This is great. Who wants to lose their inspiration trying to navigate their way to find preset setting. Eq, reverb, and other effects can be added to each individual track. Also featured is complete integration with Cubase and Nuendo. The MO6 can function as a controller or external virtual instrument. This makes the process of bringing your creations into your DAW amazingly fast.

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