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Yamaha DD-65 Review

If you want a more natural drum controller than small square pads but still want a compact package, the DD-65 is your solution.

Since I’m not a drummer, I was a bit apprehensive about using the DD-65. But I got it out of the box, set it on my desk, hooked in the hi-hat and kick pedals, and was able to get started right away. Whether hitting the large round pads with my hands or using the included sticks, the very natural response made me want to keep playing.

The DD-65 provides a great way to learn or practice drums at a low volume (with headphones or the built-in speakers) in a compact space – perfect for apartment dwellers like me. What I’m really excited about is using the DD-65 as a MIDI controller for my software drums. I can’t wait to actually play my sampled drums rather than just programming them or tapping them out on a keyboard or trigger pads. The DD-65 is a great value!

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