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Wrong Bit Depth

Q: There was a session in my studio the other day, and I did a ton of work creating a Pro Tools file with all the empty tracks for the band to record to, a pretty complex headphone mix, where each of the four guys in the band had a completely independent mix, setting up plug-ins, etc. I did a last-minute double-check just before the band counted off the first tune we were recording, and realized I had created the session at 16-bit resolution instead of 24-bit. I couldn’t figure out how to change the bit depth for the session, so I was faced with recording at 16 bits or taking a bunch of time to rebuild the entire session file. Is there any way I could have easily fixed this?

A: One easy solution is to save the file as a Pro Tools Template (choose “Save As Template” from the file menu), being sure to save it without media. Now, close that session file and create a new one using the template you just saved – you’ll be given the choice of 16-bit or 24-bit resolution for the new session, with all the rest of the settings, configurations, window layout, etc., intact.

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