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Working with tracks on your PSR keyboard.

We’re finding that many professional and accomplished musicians, composers and producers have been doing initial creative work on auto accompaniment keyboards such as the Yamaha PSR series. The PSR keyboards have sounds that rival many “pro” keyboards out today, and the accompaniment capabilities are very well done. Composers at all levels are finding these instruments useful in composing music. Today’s question is one of the more common ones we get about them.

“The record enable track on my Yamaha PSR series keyboard is unavailable on tracks 9-16 after I record an accompaniment track- why can’t I punch in like I can on tracks 1-8?”

Accompaniment tracks do not allow you to do any editing once they are recorded. Therefore, when you record an accompaniment on a song, further recording or editing is disabled. You can, however, change any or all of tracks 9-16 into individual tracks which behave like tracks 1-8 by selecting R1 in the record setup menu for a particular track (if it hasn’t been used by an accompaniment track.).

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