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Winter NAMM 2013: electro-harmonix HOG2

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EHX brings back one of their classic effects with the HOG2 harmonic octave generator pedal. Unveil entirely new tones with anything from extreme sub bass to powerful multi-octave chords, including fifth and third intervals. And dedicated filtering and envelope control, with numerous setup options, make the HOG2 easy to personalize. The HOG2 even comes with an expression pedal!

electro-harmonix HOG2 Harmonic Octave Generator Pedal Features:

  • 10 faders control 10 pitch intervals, generating harmonics not present in your original signal
  • Expression pedal for real-time control is included
  • Dual envelope generators let you shape the attack and decay of the harmonic generation
  • Seven unique expression modes let you add movement and dimension to the effect
  • Power supply included

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