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What Impulse Rate?

Q: I ordered the Timbral Research Impulsive libraries from Sweetwater for my TL Space, it’s great! But it has IRs that are at 96 and 44.1kHz and “ECO.” I don’t which one to use. Can you help? Do I need 96k for the best sound?

A: We consulted with our own Mitch Gallagher, who was on the beta-test team for this product. Here is his response:

“I agree that Impulsive is great! The answer to your question depends — here are some things to consider:

  • 24-bit/96kHz will take a lot of CPU horsepower for a native instance of TL Space (not as big of an issue with TL Space for TDM).
  • Many sources you run through TL Space will not have full bandwidth, and may not need a full-bandwidth reverb. In that case, 24-bit/44.1kHz or ECO may be fine.
  • Many of the hardware reverbs that were used to create Implusive have limited bandwidth or have lowpass filters that restrict their bandwidth, so they may not be generating anything in the highest frequencies regardless of which sample rate you use.

Ultimately, I suggest using your ears. For many sources, ECO will be perfect. But where your ears hear a difference, go with the higher rate — just be ready with the extra computer resources the higher-rate impulses will require.

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