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Welcome Livid

Electronic musicians at Sweetwater are ecstatic that we now carry Livid performance controllers, and they aren’t the only ones! Livid’s line of ultra-configurable controllers provides solutions for everyone from producers and musicians to lighting techs and video mixers. Powerful controllers such as the OhmRGB, OhmRGB Slim, and CNTRL:R are particularly adept at controlling your DAW and multiple virtual instruments, both live and in your studio. The Base controller packs 32 percussion pads into the same amount of space as a typical 16-pad drum controller, but the innovative touch faders and buttons make it a creative tool with synthesizers, too. And the Alias 8 packs nine faders, 17 encoders, and 16 buttons, a solid foundation for virtually any control task. Best of all, there are thousands of pre-made control templates available online for popular applications!

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