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A guitar has to be made from wood to sound great, right? While it’s true that guitars made from classic tonewoods can sound great, there’s no question that other materials can deliver great tone, too! Case in point, the carbon-fiber masterpieces being made by Composite Acoustics. The Composite Acoustics guitars feature a molded one-piece body shaped to form to your body. They’re lighter and stronger than wood guitars, they never need adjusting, and they can stand up to just about anything. Once a Composite Acoustics guitar has been given its precision setup, it will play and sound fantastic every single time you pick it up. This makes a Composite Acoustics guitar the ideal axe for gigging and road use — no hassles, no maintenance, just great sound and totally stable tuning. Every time.

Acoustically or featuring a versatile built-in LR Baggs or an innovative Fishman Aura pickup system, Composite Acoustics guitars deliver tone and sustain you won’t believe. If you’re looking for a great-sounding, durable, precise, consistent instrument to help you realize your musical dreams, you’ll definitely want to check out a Composite Acoustics guitar. We’re proud to welcome them to the Sweetwater family of manufacturers!

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