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Wave Scanning

Native Instruments’ Massive virtual instrument’s synthesis is based on a unique Wave Scanning algorithm, implemented in three parallel oscillator modules. If you think of a Wave Scanning oscillator as a multi-track sequencer, with one of the tracks containing a sawtooth wave and the other a pulse wave, you might start to get the idea. Each of Massive’s oscillators allow these tracks to be faded seamlessly into one another and at the same time, a single cycle’s read-out speed curve can be manipulated in three different blending modes. Massive features an unlimited number of these “tracks” in each wavetable as well as two additional manipulation modes relevant for time and frequency settings. Of course, the “tracks” aren’t restricted to usual sawtooth or pulse waves. These were used simply to give you an idea as to just how the synthesis of Wave Shaping works. However they do it, it sounds amazing!

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