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Voice Limiting in Logic Pro 7.2

One of the easiest ways to streamline any software DAW’s performance is to use the Voice Limit Object function in Apple’s Logic Pro (almost all of today’s software DAWs have a similar feature, though it will likely be called a different name). The voice limiter restricts the number of MIDI notes (from 1 to 32) that can be held simultaneously. A bass track, for instance, will normally need only one or two notes, so you can use Logic’s Voice Limiter to select one or two in the Voices parameter setting. You can also assign which notes are stolen (turned off) once that number is reached – typically, you’d choose oldest, but there are instances where you might want to keep the lowest note playing, in which case you’d select Bot (for bottom), so that the lowest note(s) are given priority and the highest notes are stolen first. Solo instruments usually need only a few notes, while sections (brass, strings, etc.) or keyboard instruments may be given a higher number.

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