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1. A line of drums manufactured by Ludwig in the 1970s, where the drum shells were made from clear polyethylene terephthalate (commonly known as acrylic PET). A variety of colors were available. Vistalite users included John Bonham (Led Zeppelin, Keith Moon (The Who), Nick Mason (Pink Floyd), Karen Carpenter (The Carpenters), Ron Bushy (Iron Butterfly), Jay Osmond (The Osmonds), and Billy Cobham.

By the late ’70s, Vistalite drums were discontinued. But acrylic drums have made a comeback in recent years, with a number of companies introducing new models. Current acrylic drums perform much better than the originals because of improved manufacturing and acrylics, more consistent 45-degree bearing edges, and modern 2-ply drumheads.

2. “Vista Lite” is also a term sometimes used to refer to a pirated version of Windows Vista where all the “unnecessary” components have been removed.

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