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UVI Sound Source “Electric Toy Museum”

When some of us were kids, the only musical instruments we had were toy pianos and those little metal xylophones. More recently, instruments for kids have actually become surprisingly sophisticated. Now, UVI Sound Source has introduced the Electric Toy Museum, which is describes as “the most insane sound library in the market.” There are a whopping 97 vintage musical toys, all carefully sampled at 24-bit/96kHz. Most of them were recorded with the best microphones and preamps available.

With more than 1,000 presets and 14,000 samples, it’s like having all these toys right at your fingertips. Every aspect of each instrument has been captured, so you get multi-sampled instruments with release samples for every note, rhythms converted into sliced loops, GM drum kits, FX, and speech effects – all carefully organized. These little toys’ tonal character comes from their acoustic assembly and the cheap speakers they use. The UVI sound designers took the time to find the right microphone for each instrument, then they recorded every note and every sound possible, including release samples, key clicks, etc. They also recorded the drum and instrument loops so that, with the UVI Workstation or MachFive2, the loops will sync directly to the desired tempo. After editing this huge amount of sounds, this epic work was finalized by organizing them into 10 categories: Children, Developed, Drums & FX, Mini Sampler, Musical Toys, Organ Basic, Silly, Small, Speech, and Style-o-phone. Who knew these little plastic toys could actually make such cool music?

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