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Updates and Upgrades

TASCAM has just released GigaStudio 4. This new version supports 64-bit operating systems like XP64 and Windows Vista 64, allowing users to access up to 128 gigabytes of RAM for loading massive sample libraries and compositional templates. GigaStudio 4 also hosts VSTi and GVI virtual instruments, loading or stacking instruments alongside GigaStudio instrument libraries. When hosted in GigaStudio 4, virtual instruments based on TASCAM’s GVI gain the advantages of kernel-level processing, offering lower latency than other host applications. But the bigger news may be that TASCAM is also releasing GVI 4, the Giga Virtual Instrument, now for both for Mac and PC. Previously only available for Windows systems, GVI 4 for the Mac runs as a 16-part multi-timbral plug-in instrument in Audio Unit, VSTi and RTAS formats, for compatibility with virtually all Mac pro applications, including Pro Tools and Logic Pro.

Apple announced updates today that take QuickTime to version 7.3 and iTunes to version 7.5. (Note that iTunes 7.5 requires the 7.3 version of QuickTime). What’s new? Well, iTunes 7.5 brings support for iPhone activation anywhere it’s available and for a musical game on the iPod nano, classic and 5G, plus numerous bug fixes and performance enhancements. However, Apple strongly suggests that those working in a pro environment or using Pro Tools or Logic for sound-to-image not upgrade quite yet. An announcement will be made when the company has had sufficient time to test the updates in pro environments. Other than that, QuickTime 7.3 is recommended for all QuickTime 7 users.

Steinberg has just announced an update to its WaveLab 6 and WaveLab Studio 6 applications. The new 6.1 updates offer a range of new internet publishing features including RSS 2.0 support, a built-in FTP client, templates for easy setup and much more. The 6.1 updates are now available as a free update on the Steinberg web site for all registered WaveLab 6 and WaveLab Studio 6 customers.

TC-Helicon has announces the availability of version 1.2 software for its vocal harmony effects powerhouse, VoiceWorksPlus and its downloadable PC/Mac-compatible editor. The latest software version adds numerous features and improvements that augment live vocal performance as well as when editing on the device. The PC/Mac-compatible editor in combination with the latest software’s extended MIDI implementation offers complete bi-directional control and recall of all VoiceWorksPlus functions.

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