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Microphone Month 4

Updates and Upgrades

Toontrack Music has informed us that it has updated dfh EZdrummer to version 1.1.3. Among the fixes in this maintenance release are:

  • Audio Unit memory releases on de-instantiation.
  • Auto loading of projects in some hosts fixed.
  • Erratic graphics with some Mac hardware fixed.
  • Host closing the plug-in editor while the authorization page was up no longer leads to a crash.
  • Deletion of presets with a name longer than 18 characters is now possible.
  • More robust check for UserPresetMenu when creating new presets.

Registered users can download this new version.

Audio Ease has just updated the Mac OS X version of Speakerphone to version 1.0.3. Enhancements and fixes include:

  • Preset change is faster then ever before.
  • Drag and drop now works without having to hold down any modifier keys.
  • Drag and drop to and from Cubase/Nuendo has been fixed.
  • Audio Units can be used with 10.3.9.

Registered users can download the latest version.

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