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Microphone Month 4

Updates and Upgrades

Native Instruments has just announced the release of TRAKTOR 3.4 and TRAKTOR SCRATCH 1.3, both of which are free software updates that provide refined functionality. In their latest versions, both TRAKTOR 3 and TRAKTOR SCRATCH have been upgraded with crucial architectural improvements as well as enhanced time-code and MIDI-control functionality. Each version now offers full Unicode support, allowing for file names and tags in nearly any international script and language, including Japanese, Mandarin, Hebrew, Cyrillic and others. Both versions are also based on a revised high-performance audio engine that offers many functional advantages, including hot-plugging and instant switching for audio interfaces, WASAPI support for Windows Vista, and more. Other noteworthy improvements include increased tracking precision for scratching in relative mode, a new intelligent “Tracking Alert” function that gives early warning for adverse conditions like worn-out needles, enhanced MIDI controller handling, and a large number of detail optimizations and fixes. Both updates are now available as free downloads for all registered owners of TRAKTOR 3 and TRAKTOR SCRATCH, respectively.

Roland has just announced the release of version 1.10, a major system upgrade for their hugely popular Fantom-G series workstations. Aside from adding powerful multi-sampling capability, there’s also a new “Favorite Play” screen and a BPM calculator function for samples, as well as new enhancements to Single, Live, and Song modes. Registered owners of Fantom G6, G7 and G8 workstations may download the new operating system from the Roland website free of charge.

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