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Updates and Upgrades

CME has just announced the release of a firmware update for their VX Series keyboards. Besides enhancing existing features, this update corrects all known bugs, making the VX an even more powerful instrument for all registered users. There’s also an update for the CME U-Key USB MIDI controller at the same link, and an update for the UF Series keyboards will be forthcoming. The major changes resulting from the version 2.0 firmware upgrade are:

  • The F1-F8 knobs can be used to store eight different preset parameters. This makes live shows easier and slicker.
  • Users can rename the F1- F8 functions, making it easier to recall them.
  • Adds User Bank automatic memory function.
  • Adjusts the MIDI Router, making it easier to control external devices.
  • The Octave and Transpose buttons can be used for automatic confirmation mode.
  • Holding down the Dec/Inc button will now continue the data change.
  • Adds a turn-off function for program change (MSB/LSB/Program Change).
  • Adds a manual-save User Bank function (Shift-Enter).
  • Adds a manual-switch User Bank function (Shift-Page).
  • 16 control knob lights can be selected individually.

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